5 Benefits of Self-Storage vs. Building More Home Storage

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When you live in the same location for several years, you tend to accumulate items. Sometimes, individuals and families wind up with too much stuff and rent storage units for the overflow. According to Forbes, two-thirds of renters of self-storage units have a garage, 47% have an attic, and a third have a basement at their respective homes. Those people might choose to build a large shed or other item to handle the overflow. Here are five benefits of using self-storage rather than adding storage space at home.

1. No Construction Costs

Renting storage units is a simple process that is more affordable than adding more storage space to your home. A storage unit does not require you to pay for architectural diagrams, hire a contractor, or pay for materials. Instead, visit your local self-storage business, select a unit, and pay a deposit and the first month’s rent.

2. No Zoning Issues

You might run into local zoning issues when you add storage space at home. Many local governments limit how much of your lot can be covered. They also might have setbacks that require a specific distance from the property’s edge to any structures. Storage units are already built and deemed legal for use by local units of government.

3. Secure Facility

A good self-storage facility will have fencing, video surveillance, and staff on hand to keep the property secure. When the facility is closed, it might even have one or more security guards there to prevent break-ins and theft. The level of security can be much greater than at your home and especially while you are on vacation or otherwise away.

4. Rent to Suit Needs

You can rent storage units of many sizes. Choosing one that is just big enough to hold your overflow items will help to keep them secure while freeing up space in your home. If you acquire more belongings or need even more storage, you could rent a larger unit and transfer your overflow to it.

5. No Permits Needed

When you add storage space to your home, you likely need to obtain a building permit to do it. That means presenting a copy of the design for the new space and paying a fee to obtain a permit. A local zoning committee also might deny your permit, which means you wasted money on the permitting process.

Storing your belongings in storage units is a great way to save space in your home without having to figure out how to store items on your property. For more information about self-storage, don't hesitate to reach out to COWS Mobile Storage today.

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