Are Self-Storage Units Safe for Your Valuables?

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When you're looking for a self-storage unit, you'll likely have a lot of different things to consider. Your budget, the size of your belongings, and what type of storage facility works best with your needs are some of the factors that can affect how safe or unsafe your items will be. While it's important to research all aspects of self-storage before making a decision, one thing is certain: A storage unit doesn't just prevent theft or damage. In fact, many people use them as secure places for their valuables because they provide additional security against both factors and not just one or the other! Here's what makes a storage container safe for your valuables.

Security Features on the Unit

According to Neighbor Storage, Inc., renting self-storage units is predominant in almost 10% of households in the United States. This is because of how secure they are. The security features of a portable self-storage container are built into the design. Their high-quality construction makes it nearly impossible for anyone to break into your unit. This durability also ensures that the contents within will remain protected. Additionally, there is a code system with a keyed padlock that ensure your unit doesn't open accidentally or without your permission.

Security Features on the Premises

On the premises where your container is located, there are plenty of security features for your peace of mind. If you choose to keep your container with the rental company, then there will be additional locks and security cameras to keep your valuables safe. If you store it on your own property, then you can take advantage of any features you may have, such as a security alarm. The portability of these containers means you can put them wherever you feel most comfortable and that has ample security.

Features of the Rental Company

When you begin renting your storage container, you can especially have peace of mind thanks to any added features the rental company gives you. These will be negotiated ahead of time and can include things such as guarantees, property insurance, and damage reimbursement.

Self-storage units are great for keeping your items, and even your valuable ones. You can rest assured that your valuables will be safe from theft and damage thanks to their many safety and security features. When you're ready to get started renting the space you need, contact COWS Mobile Storage!

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