What's the Best Way to Store Your Items in a Storage Unit?

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Portable storage containers are common nowadays and everyone has seen one at some point or other. They are important when you plan on moving or storing your belongings, and it is important to know the most effective ways to organize them. With a variety of solutions available, the one you pick depends on your specific needs. Read on to see a few tips on storing your items in a storage unit the best way possible.

Plan Everything Beforehand

Whether it is a move or storage, you need to carefully plan it to make sure you get it done well. Pack your items carefully in boxes, labeling them well and using bubble wrap whenever necessary. Next, write down a list of everything that will go in the container and try to categorize it where possible. This will save a lot of time when you are trying to find something because you will have a good idea of where everything was packed.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Find out how much space you need to effectively store all your items. You don't want to end up piling things precariously on top of each other and risk destroying fragile items. Neither do you want to end up with a large volume of unoccupied space. If necessary, prioritize and even get rid of some things that you can do without so your mobile storage is packed well.

Pack Different Items Accordingly

When packing furniture, plastic bags may encourage mildew, so use drop cloths or old quilts draped loosely over the pieces to keep them safe.

When packing appliances, drain any fluids and pack fragile and loose parts separately to be reassembled later. Prop open the doors to avoid buildup of odors.

When packing electronics, store them in their original packaging and take pictures of wiring before you unplug so you remember what goes where.

When packing clothing, use plastic containers with lids to protect them from mildew, dust, and moisture. Make sure they are clean and place cedar balls in the container to ward off moths and odors.

When you pack your mobile storage unit well, it will be a breeze to unpack or just find things you need without turning it upside down. Different people have different storage needs, as 17% of storage unit tenants store for less than 3 months and about 4% store for more than 10 years. Pick your mobile storage needs accordingly so you get the best out of using the storage solution.

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