How Long Do Most People Use Their Storage Containers?

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Mobile storage rentals are becoming much more common. Portable storage containers are large, secure, and sometimes even weather-resistant boxes that can be conveniently moved from place to place. They allow people to have convenient additional storage space and are the perfect solution for a variety of needs. But how long do people typically keep them?

How Many Americans Use Storage Rentals?

According to, 1 in 11 American households own self-storage space, which is an increase of some 75 percent from 1995. This survey also suggests that the rise is due to many different factors. The rise in storage container rentals is partly from businesses using them to store their goods but is mostly because of the rise in American consumerism. People have so many items and goods that they need extra space.

What Do They Use Their Storage Rental For?

The most common reasons for a mobile storage rental is additional home storage, for moving, during home renovations, business storage, event storage, and equipment storage. Rental storage units are extremely useful in many instances from personal to business needs.

How Long Do People Use Their Mobile Storage Rental? states that only 17% of storage unit tenants store for less than 3 months and about 4% store for more than 10 years. The average rental duration of a storage unit is approximately 14 months, with nearly half of tenants renting for over 1 year. The rental rates are affordable and flexible which allows people to rent the unit for as long as they need. In general, short-term storage is considered to be anything below three months. Anything longer would be considered long-term storage. What you pay for your storage unit will vary based on the size of the unit and how long you plan to store your stuff.

Mobile storage rentals are the perfect way to get some extra storage wherever you need it. For more information or to get started with our portable storage services, contact us today.

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