How Mobile Storage Is Changing Personal Storage in the U.S.

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Data available indicate over 48,000 self-storage facilities all over the United States. According to, 32% of the country's self-storage facilities are in the cities, 52% are in the suburbs, and just 16% are located in rural areas. These data indicate that there is an increasing demand for mobile storage facilities nationwide. In this piece, we will explore how mobile storage can help in improving personal storage in the United States.

Increased Convenience

The biggest benefit of mobile self-storage is that it is effortless to use. Instead of the norm of going to storage sites, mobile storage is sent to wherever you want. The advantage of this is that when you are changing houses, you can easily pack your unit and not have to deal with the rental fees that come with trucks and save money and time. Also, you can easily tell the amount of stuff you can store inside the unit without bothering about it being too packed.

Increased Security

Each mobile unit comes equipped with surveillance which helps ensure that no item is lost or stolen. Furthermore, the units get stored in a safe facility and are properly monitored to prevent accidents or burglaries. Usually, you will have an inventory of the items inside the storage units, making it easier to account for missing items. And more? You will be the only person who can access the items.

Helps Prevent Damage

Most mobile storage units are created using premium quality steel durable enough to keep your items safe from damage. Many mobile storage units out there don't get damaged when transferring loads. Most mobile personal storage units are designed to be weatherproof, so you no longer have to worry about harsh winds, extreme rain, or humid conditions.


Another outstanding benefit of personal mobile storage units is that they can be gotten in different shapes and sizes. This feature makes it possible to use the units in different places and for different intents. It also serves as a smart and safe place for retailers to keep their stock.

Mobile storage units make it easier and safer to move items, protect them and save resources. If you are searching for the best mobile storage unit providers, kindly reach out to us, and we will be glad to help you.

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