How to Efficiently Move Homes

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Moving isn't always pretty, but it doesn't have to be disastrously stressful. Many people go through this each year, and while hiring professional movers really helps -- AMSA's interstate-move study found about 21.7% of those moving long distance arrange for movers to help -- the entire operation may still look messy on the outside. However, you can maintain overall order even when surrounded by the apparent disorganization of packing and unpacking. The main keys are to start packing and making moving arrangements as early as possible and to not wait until the last minute to pack. Yet those aren't the only things that will help you move efficiently. Some specific actions make the process have more obvious rhyme and reason.

Rent Portable Storage Now

As you pack, you'll need someplace to put the boxes. You may be able to stack them up in a corner, but if you have a lot to pack, those boxes can quickly take over your house. Instead, it's a wise idea to rent portable storage. These containers sit in your driveway or parking space and allow you to store packed goods while keeping them out of your way. You'll want to check with the rental company about the location requirements; for the most part, these need a level spot not covered by an awning, and portable storage containers usually can withstand rain and other weather issues. The storage container you get should lock or have the fixtures necessary for you to add a padlock.

Go Room by Room, Category by Category

As you start to pack, go room by room and category by category. For example, say you decide to pack your books first. Go to each room and get all the books, and concentrate on packing all of those up. If you're tired after that, and you have time before the actual moving date, you can stop for the day and pick up where you left off tomorrow. You may decide tomorrow to pack up all board games and toys save for a specific few; again, go through all rooms looking for that specific category. Move the boxes into the portable storage unit so that you get a clear picture of how much you have left to pack.

Toss Things Out Ruthlessly

It's understandable that you have some items that you don't want to throw out but don't really use; however, you want to make that pile as small as possible. Now is the time to decide if you want a specific item to come with you. The more you can toss or donate, or even sell, the less you'll have to drag with you. Plus, there's less risk of you needing to call for a second portable storage unit at the last minute.

Moving is something that you don't want to underestimate in terms of time and effort. Get portable storage and start packing as soon as possible. Contact COWs of Delaware today to get started!

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