How to Efficiently Pack Your COWS Portable Storage Container

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COWS storage units

COWS are not just an animal you see on a farm. COWS stands for "container on wheels." COWS is a portable storage company. This company offers a lot for its clients. The convenience of being able to move the unit from place to place is a large advantage. You will not need to load up trucks to transport from the unit to the home.

Packing your COWS unit

There are many different keys to efficiently packing your COWS storage unit. Storage units are most often used for items that you cannot part with but are not a necessity right now. Many of these items are seasonal. For example, you will not need a snowblower in the middle of summer. You will, however, need it in just a few months. Seasonal items are perfect for storage units since they can be easily swapped out as needed. Now they are not taking up space in your garage or basement.

You should also think about items that are only used during infrequent times. Certain tools are common staples of home repair, but some tools are rather niche in their use. These tools would be perfect candidates for a spot in your storage unit. If there is an item you see yourself using in the near future, do not bury it behind other pieces. Utilize as much space as you can. Your storage unit does not need to include only large items. Smaller pieces can be stored in drawers and storage bins.

Another helpful tip is to keep a record. Get a notebook or spreadsheet to keep tabs on your storage. As you are away from the unit, it can be difficult to remember what is in there. With a record, you can consult with it to get a better idea of everything. Pictures can also help as well.

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