How to Guarantee Your Belongings Are Safe During a Move

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According to Census data, almost 31 million U.S. residents moved in 2019 alone. Moving can be a stressful experience -- simply making sure that everything is packed on moving day can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large family. The last thing you need is to deal with your belongings not being secure during the move. Use these tips to ensure that your items make it to your new home safely.

Plan in Advance

When people procrastinate on preparing to move, they may throw items in boxes without the proper packing materials. This is an easy way for things to get broken. Instead, plan in advance. Ensure that you have packing supplies on hand, and give yourself plenty of time to pack.

Pack Wisely

It's important to put thought into how you pack your items. Breakable items, such as dishes and collectibles, should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure they don't break in the midst of the move. Use strong, sturdy boxes that are less likely to break. Boxes should be packed until they are full or filled with another material, such as packing peanuts. This guarantees that breakable items won't get jostled around and shatter.

Use Storage Containers

Delivery storage units are another great way to keep your belongings safe during a move. Instead of packing your belongings in a truck, you store them snugly in your delivery container. Then, when you're ready to move, a team of professionals will come to pick up the container and move it for you. This saves you from having to rent a truck, and you can rest assured that your items are being moved gently by professionals.

Hire Movers

Hiring movers is a great way to ensure that your items are safe. Movers are specially trained to handle heavy items and to carefully move items that are likely to break. Professionals can take your already packed boxes and move them into your storage unit to make sure the items are properly packed. This makes them less likely to shift and break during transport.

Planning a move in advance is the best way to keep your belongings safe. This gives you plenty of time to pack wisely, order a storage container, and hire reputable movers. Contact COWS of Delaware today to learn more about our delivery storage units.

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