Moving Made Easy: How Delivery Storage Units Are the Way to Go

COWs Delaware
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You're getting ready to move to a new home. It's an exciting time, but moving also involves a lot of logistics. One important detail is figuring out where to store your stuff, especially as you start packing up your current place before your move-in date. This is where delivery storage units can make a big difference. Here are four great benefits of using a delivery storage unit when you're moving.

Temporary Storage Between Homes

When you're moving between two homes, there's usually a gap between when you move out of your old place and move into the new one. A recent study found that in the United States, approximately 52% of the self-storage facilities are located in the suburbs, 32% are in cities, and 16% are in rural areas. You'll need somewhere to store your belongings during this transitional time. Delivery storage units provide the perfect temporary storage solution. You can move boxes out of your old home, store them securely in the delivery unit, and then move them to your new place once you get the keys. This allows you to take your time packing and getting settled without rushing to move everything all at once.

Secure Storage

During a move, your belongings are very vulnerable. Making multiple trips transferring boxes in and out of a truck exposes your items to potential weather damage or theft. Storing everything securely in one delivery unit minimizes this risk. Storage facilities often have features like climate control, surveillance cameras, coded entry gates, and personnel on-site to keep your unit and belongings safe. At COWS Mobile Storage, we offer a Storage Protectors Program for an extra fee. You can feel at ease knowing your stuff is protected.

Less Stress

Moving is listed among life's most stressful events. From packing to hiring movers to changing addresses, it's a major undertaking. However, using a delivery storage unit can significantly reduce your stress. Knowing you have a secure, temporary space to store items between homes makes the transition less rushed. You don't have to move everything in one frantic, chaotic day. You can take your time and do it right.

A delivery storage unit offers huge benefits for a smoother, less stressful move. With temporary storage, room for deliveries, security, and reduced anxiety, it's a smart solution for your upcoming move. If you're moving, call us for an estimate for the delivery storage units.

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