Our 5 Tips for Packing Your COWS Storage Container

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Planning a move of any distance to a new home means transporting all your belongings, and this can be a difficult task. According to the ATA, 47% of people moved themselves, 34% rented a truck, and 19% hired professional movers when relocating in the United States in 2018. A fourth option exists, which is to rent a container on wheels (COWS), pack it, and then have the container moved to your new location. Here are five tips for packing a COWS storage container.

1. Pack Containers Well

Boxes and storage totes help to make the moving process more organized. You should pack these containers so that they are full and can support the weight of other items that you might place on top of them. Carefully packing boxes and storage totes will help to ensure a stable load.

2. Evenly Distribute Weight

A container on wheels will move from one location to another when you are moving to a new home. You need to distribute the weight evenly to help keep the load balanced and stable. If one end is significantly heavier than the other, you run the risk of the container tipping over.

3. Pack Items Vertically

When you're ready to start loading items into your rented container on wheels, you should start by creating a wall of boxes, storage totes, and furnishings. Packing and stacking from the floor to the ceiling as you go will leave you with plenty of room to move around and maximize space. Heavier and sturdier items should be placed low to support lighter items up high.

4. Use Soft Items to Fill in Gaps

You'll likely have some gaps and spaces between your boxes, storage totes, and furnishings. You should fill in any of these spaces with soft items, like pillows and bedding, empty boxes, or moving blankets. Filling in the spaces will help to prevent items from shifting while the container on wheels is loaded, moved, and unloaded at your new home.

5. Plan Before Loading

Be sure to carefully consider which items you'll pack and load first. Items that are seasonal or otherwise going unused should go in first. The items that you use daily should go in last so that you can access and use them quickly when unpacking at your new home.

Are you ready to rent a container on wheels? Contact COWS Mobile Storage today to learn more about our services. We look forward to assisting you with your move!

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