5 Mobile Storage Mistakes to Avoid

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Packing for a move is never easy. With all of the things happening at once, it's easy to make mistakes. With almost 31 million people having moved in the United States in 2019, we know some people learned from these mistakes the hard way.

Not Planning Ahead Enough

Packing day always comes sooner than you think. Aim for at least two weeks, at a minimum, before your planned departure date to start packing up loose ends around the house. There are always more things you thought there were and always more trips to the store for more boxes or containers.

Not Making a Walkway

It might feel good to pack the mobile storage unit to the gills, but if you don't leave yourself a place to walk, move, and maneuver, you're going to be stuck pulling out half your belongings each time you need to find something. Leave yourself enough room to walk down the middle and pull out boxes so that you can get in and out of the unit with ease.

Not Using Packing Material

It's much easier to pack your belongings if they are secured in some way. Bubble wrap, newspaper, and other packing materials are available at many moving supply stores. Use this stuff to protect fragile items before placing them into boxes. Avoid putting all your breakables in the same box or container unless there are individual separators in the box or container for each item. Alternately, use towels, sheets, and blankets to wrap TVs and electronics before putting them in the container.

Not Using the Right Boxes

You should always use boxes that are strong enough to hold the contents you plan to store. For instance, don't use flimsy shoe boxes or shoebox-sized containers for heavy items like books, dishes, or bottles of wine.

Forgetting to Label Boxes

If you don't label your boxes correctly, it will be nearly impossible for you to remember where you put what items. It happens every time because moving is a stressful event. You'll get brain fog when you least expect it. Labeling the boxes with a dark, thick marker works like a charm.

Take the time to sort your things well before your move to reduce the number of things you pack, then maximize the space in the unit with proper containers. Lift your items appropriately, and never be afraid to ask for help from movers for assistance.

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