The Benefits of Having a Storage Unit Delivered to Your Door

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Today, more homeowners opt for a portable storage unit delivered to their door instead of moving with a moving truck. Portable storage units provide one excellent benefit after another. This article will review all the incredible benefits of delivery storage units.

Short-Term Solution

Most people don’t need storage units long-term. According to a study done by Neighbor, Only 17% of storage unit tenants utilize storage for fewer than three months, while about 4% store for more than 10 years. Portable storage units are ideal for people needing short-term storage solutions. This is because they can utilize a unit while they need it and then haul it away when they are finished.

Superior Convenience

Delivery storage units offer more convenience than traditional options. They are delivered directly to your door, eliminating the need to drive back and forth to a storage unit. If you’re moving, you can simply call the company to move the unit for you instead of driving a large, awkward moving truck.

Environmentally Friendly

You instantly save gas when you decide to have a storage unit delivered to the door. That means you aren’t releasing as many harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. The trucks used to haul these units are often smaller than moving trucks, further helping the planet.

Moving Flexibility

One of the most stressful parts of moving is packing a moving truck in a few hours, driving to your new location, and then unpacking it the same day. Most people do this to save money. However, when you opt for delivery storage units, you can easily rent the storage unit for a few days to pack at your own pace. They are affordable and flexible.

Secure Storage

Storage facilities are consistently broken into. Most facilities need an attendant available to keep an eye on the facility at night. However, you can easily monitor your items with a storage unit in your driveway. You can look at the unit from your windows and point your security cameras toward the unit for additional security.

Having a portable storage unit delivered to your home is the easiest way to move. Units are available in various sizes to ensure you can find something to meet your needs. Contact COWs mobile storage today to learn more about our services.

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