Top 5 States to Move to in 2022

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Interested in moving to a new state this year but aren't sure where to go? Well, according to the US Census Bureau, Florida was the state with the most people moving to it in 2018. Will that trend remain the same in 2022? Let's take a look at the top five states to move to in 2022 to get an idea of where you might need mobile storage rental for your net big move and career change.


Massachusetts remains one of the most popular states in the country, with the seventh-best economy and the fourth-best crime rate. The average cost of living in the state is $4,100, with a median home income of $81,215. This makes it a very popular state.


Minnesota is the third best state for job opportunities and has many beautiful lakes where you can swim and enjoy the natural wilderness. With a median home price of $285,690, it is also one of the most affordable states as far as buying a new home is concerned.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the safest place in the country, with the lowest crime rate and the fifth-best educational rate. Renting a mobile storage rental may be a great idea if you want to work in healthcare IT, advanced manufacturing, or development in this state's vibrant and booming economic development.

New Jersey

New Jersey was once a national punchline as one of the worst places in the nation to live. However, it ranks sixth in crime and healthcare and second in education. Its natural beauty and proximity to New York City make it a great place to live if you don't mind commuting.


Colorado currently has the best economy in the nation and fantastic beauty that make it an amazing place to live. People who want to get into the tech industry are likely to thrive in Boulder, Denver, Littleton, or even Castle Rock. Even the snowfall isn't as bad here as its reputation would suggest.

As you can see, relocating to any of these five states is a great option for the right person. So make sure that you find a mobile storage rental that meets your needs. Doing so can help you take better control of your life and find a new state that feels comfortable for your living situation and career needs.

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