Want to Organize Your Mobile Storage Unit Like a Pro? Follow These 5 Tips

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Mobile storage units provided by a portable storage company are becoming very popular. They can provide the extra space offered by a storage unit while also offering flexibility. If you're moving across the country, for example, you might pack your house's belongings into a portable storage unit and then have it shipped to your new home. That said, like any type of storage unit, some basic organizational practices could go a long way.

1. Create an Inventory

It's smart to have an inventory of everything that's going into a particular storage unit. You might use an Excel sheet on your laptop. This way, when you need to hunt stuff down, you'll know what storage container it's in.

2. Make Sure Boxes Are Clearly Marked

You'll want to make sure that every box is clearly marked. It's also wise to keep similar items together. For example, all of your kitchen supplies should go in the same box. This can help you avoid hassles later.

3. Use See-Through Containers Instead of Boxes

Another way to make your life easy is to skip cardboard boxes. Instead, you can use see-through containers. If you need to find something, you can peek into the container without having to move it or open it up.

4. Pack With the Calendar in Mind

Let's say you're using a portable storage unit from a portable storage company for a move to a new house. It's May and the warm days of summer approach as you begin packing. Given that the winter holidays are many months away, you may want to put your Christmas decorations in the back of the storage unit since you won't be needing them any time soon. If you arrive at your new home and realize that your kitchenware is all stuffed into the back of your unit, you're going to have to empty the container to get to it.

5. Balance Weight

With a fixed storage unit, you won't have to worry as much about weight. However, if you're using a portable unit and are planning to move it around, considering weight and ensuring that weight is evenly distributed can help. If your unit is poorly balanced, you may increase risks.

Roughly 10% of households in the United States are renting a self-storage unit at any given moment, according to NeighborBlog. Proper organization can save people lots of headaches. Need assistance? Looking for a portable storage company? Get in touch with COWS Mobile Storage today!

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