What Are the Benefits of a Portable Storage Space?

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For anyone in Delaware moving, downsizing, or blending multiple households, storage units help reduce the headache and heartache of deciding what to keep, throw away, or give away. Happily, portable storage company prices have dropped by 46% for the smallest units, while medium units plummeted 42.5%. Even the largest units cost 31% less this year, making stowing your belongings outside the home cheaper than ever. Nevertheless, fixed-location storage units do have some drawbacks versus portable storage.

Cost Considerations

Storage companies rarely exist in or near residential neighborhoods, leaving you with the expense of renting a truck, paying movers, or putting excessive wear and tear on your personal vehicle, which may or may not be large enough to transport everything in a single trip. Furthermore, multiple trips require more fuel, adding to the cost of your relocation even when gas prices remain reasonable. Portable storage, also known as shipping containers on wheels or on-demand storage, provides a single-trip solution.


Not only will the container allow you to stage everything in reverse order, ready to unload, but you will also have an immediate, accurate estimate of which size of the long-term storage unit will hold everything not headed directly to your new home. In situations such as deployments or downsizing, whenever delays exist between departing from your home and securing a new residence, on-demand storage solutions such as shipping containers on wheels provide a safe place to keep everything while you iron out the details. Similarly, when downsizing the home of an older family member, they have the peace of mind of helping pack and watching the loading of all their prized possessions into the container.

Additional Considerations

Before ordering your portable storage container, check with neighbors, the Street Department, and your HOA, if any, to ensure that the space the container will occupy while you load your belongings will not block traffic, inconvenience neighbors or violate any regulations. Once you have the correct permissions and notifications settled, decide in advance which direction the opening of the shipping container must face for the easiest loading and unloading. Ideally, have the container dropped on a hard, level surface such as a paved driveway or the street.

In summary, portable storage provides many advantages over fixed-site storage or using your personal vehicle to move your belongings. Call us today for hassle-free storage solutions the next time you move or downsize.

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