What Are Your Options for Self-Storage in Rural Areas?

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Do you currently live in a rural area or plan on moving to one? If so, you may find it challenging to find self-storage options. According to Gitnux, the average urban self-storage facility has about 566 units, while the average rural facility only has around 280 units. Let's take a closer look at common self-storage solutions in rural areas.

Rural Self-Storage Locations

Rural areas sometimes have self-storage areas, but it might require a long drive to reach them. If you live in a rural area but have a small town or city nearby, you might be able to rent a self-storage unit there. Some facilities also might be located along state or federal highways or at the crossroads of two or more major roads in rural areas. If one is relatively close to you, it might fulfill your needs. Unfortunately, many of these facilities lack the necessary security features to prevent possible intrusions. Therefore, this isn't a recommended option.

Short-Term Mobile Storage Rental

A more affordable and practical option for rural storage is to rent a portable container on wheels storage (COWS) unit from a mobile storage dealer. As long as you have available space, the mobile storage facility can stay on your property and enjoy the highest level of security. A gravel pad that might be part of your parking area is an ideal location for a COWS storage container. You can easily order one for a short-term project, such as moving in, preparing to move out, or renovating your property.

Long-Term Mobile Storage Rental

A mobile storage dealer can also provide you with a long-term COWS storage rental that stays on your property for as long as you need it. A long-term rental helps to provide storage space for seasonal items as well as tools and equipment for which you might not have space inside your home. The long-term rental makes it easier and more convenient to store items that you don't need on a regular basis.

Because a COWS storage unit is mobile, it's not a permanent fixture. Therefore, you don't need building permits to add a mobile storage unit to your property. This is because it isn't permanently affixed to the ground or a structure and can easily be removed.

Are you in need of a convenient and portable storage unit? Contact COWS of Delaware today to learn more about our mobile storage options. We look forward to assisting you!

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