Why Hybrid Service Storage is a Great Option For Your Move

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If you are about to move, you may consider storage to keep items you can't fit into your new home just yet. Did you know there was more than one type of storage? When you don’t wish to give professionals total control of your items, you may want to look into portable storage. Here are reasons why hybrid storage is a great option for a move.


It can cost more for traditional storage units. If you're on a budget, you may want to enlist hybrid storage services. This service can save you on labor costs because you'll be doing some of the lifting yourself. In general, their prices are much lower, and you have more control by keeping your items near you if you choose.


Are you concerned about other people handling your items? If so, a portable storage container gives you access to the units yourself. Storage containers can often be brought right to your doorstep so you can quickly load them on your own. Then, the storage company will often pick them up and bring them to their facility. When you're ready to receive the items again, they can once again move the portable storage unit to your new location.


52% of self-storage facilities are in the suburbs, 32% are in cities, and only 16% are in rural areas. If you're living or moving into a rural area with fewer storage facilities, portable storage can be very convenient for you. You can bring portable storage units with you wherever you like. You just need a place to store them if you're not leaving them at a storage facility. That way you'll have continuous access to them anytime a day without having to drive too far.


When you rely on hybrid storage services, rest assured that your items are safe in an air-tight container. These containers are usually made from stainless steel, so they’re weatherproof and can protect your items for as long as you need. Store your items for months or years at a time and they'll be protected regardless of the climate you're in.

When you're moving quite a distance, it may be hard to take all of your items with you at one time. That doesn't mean you have to suddenly give everything away and part with your beloved items. It may be the right opportunity to take advantage of portable storage services. For reliable moving and hybrid storage services you can trust, contact COWs of Deleware for a consultation.

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